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At Usha Cook, we've combined the three things closest to our heart - the love for food, for healthy and masterful cooking, and the right appliances to ensure delicious results

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With these in mind, we've set out to build a community that unites those who welcome good food into their conversations, lives and homes. Usha’s kitchen appliances and accessories are crafted for every culinary experience possible. This platform has been designed for kitchen spaces of those who want their food to work harder - be it by being tastier, healthier, trendier, quicker to make or simply more Instagram-ready.

From the must-haves to the specialised appliances- each unique and relevant to Indian kitchens- Usha is committed to your quest for excellent cooking. Our legacy has evolved to connect with not only a new generation of Indians, but also with the evolving kitchen spaces of the 21st century.

We’re constantly learning from those with knowledge and experiences from world over. The community that we’ve built around this is filled with recipes, innovations, ideas, tips and tricks that make cooking a work of passion — innovation and experimentation blended with personal experiences and family secrets, be it from Michelin star restaurants, or grandma’s kitchen.

With you, we’re looking forward to co-authoring the odyssey of good food online — a story inspired by the exchange of knowledge, and some notes, within this passionate, ever-growing circle.

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