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Cooktops | Insignia GS2003 Cinnamon Copper

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Insignia Ranges - 2 Burner

Fuel your love for cooking good food with the Usha Insignia GS2003 cooktop keeps your kitchen looking classy and your operation efficient. Its sleek 8mm toughened glass surface and two high quality brass burners with auto-ignition help keep your cooking experience in control.

Insignia GS2003 Cinnamon Copper

MRP 8290.00

  • Auto ignition range
  • High quality brass burners for longer life
  • Best in class – 8mm thick toughened glass
  • Spacious design for parallel cooking with large utensils
  • Premium metallic finish for elegant look
  • Stainless steel drip tray
  • Burner Dia : 68mm and  78mm
  • No. of burners - 2
  • Small Burner - 1
  • Big Burner - 1
  • Small Burner Dia - 68 mm
  • Big Burner Dia - 78 mm

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