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Maxus GS2002

Cooktop maxus GS 2002 2 Burner

Heavy-duty cooking is a matter of being assisted by not just time-tested recipes but also time-tested kitchen appliances; that’s why we’ve designed the Maxus GS2002 2 burner cooktop! Its brass burners take the heat (quite literally) for longer duration than average burners and its stable body in Jumbo design gives you the sturdy backing to create a wide range of meals. This ISI-marked Usha cooktop is a dream come true for cooks who love to put their culinary skills to test  in the kitchen.

MRP 3549.00

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  • Brass burners for longer life
  • ISI mark
  • Stable  body with Jumbo design
  • Easy knob replacement
  • Burner Dia : 68mm &  78mm
  • Stainless steel body with gloss finish
  • No. of burners - 2
  • Small Burner - 1
  • Big Burner - 1
  • Small Burner Dia - 68 mm
  • Big Burner Dia - 78 mm

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